Piano, Junk Removal, and Baby Move


The Moving Specs!

  • From: Fleetwood, Surrey, BC
  • To: East Clayton, Surrey, BC
  • Living Space: Bedroom #1 (Master), Bedroom #2, Bedroom #3, Bathroom #1, Bathroom #2, Powder room #1, Dining room, Kitchen, Garage #1
  • Total Budgeted Duration: 7.25 hours
  • Actual Duration: 6.75
  • Job Type: Three Movers, One 5 Ton Truck, Junk Removal, Piano Moving

JDR Packing Baby Things


What can I say about this move?  Well!! The client was amazing and they also provided us with a lovely review immediately after their move.  We truly appreciate it when our clients do that because it acknowledges and shares to future clients why they should use our services.

Now about the move.  Our client was moving about 10 minutes away and had a 5 ton truck. She was living in a townhouse… do you know what that means??? STAIRS!!  A lot of new clients don’t realize how many stairs are really there until they move in or have lived in a townhouse before.

When billing it doesn’t make a difference for us if there are more or less stairs because we bill by the hours worked.  We do not charge extra for stairs, appliances, or other silly fees. Our rates includes the movers, a truck, gas and mileage.

There is also the case of moving a piano down a set of narrow townhouse stairway.  We usually would have 4 movers so there is a spotter on each corner of the piano.  BUT! Because our client is amazing their piano was already on the ground floor of their garage it made the piano transfer to the truck very easy.  In this case, she was able to get away with 3 movers because there was easy access at both locations.

**Moving Tip**  When packing and moving with children involved, it always brings many challenges and questions.  For example:

  • Do I really need this toy? Should I throw it or keep it?
  • This toy is awkward, I can’t even fit in a box.
  • What should I keep out and what should I box during the move so I don’t take everything away from the kids
  • Where should the kids be on the actual moving day?

The simple answer is… it depends!  Most families are lucky and have lots of family around or nearby so they are able to find a babysitter.  If their grandparents are around most likely the parents can pack up everything since there are always toys and goodies at other relatives homes.

Being a parent myself, I understand the challenges of not having a caregiver and always having children running around.

Unfortunately, it is very dangerous to have children or even pets around when a move is happening.  It is best to have the parent or relative take the children away for a few hours until the move is done.  If the kids are older they usually just stay in living space quietly.

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