Plants, Plants and more Plants!


Your Moving Specs!

From: Port Coquitlam

To: Maple Ridge

Living Spaces: Living room, Entertainment room, Bedroom #1 (Master), Bedroom #2, Bedroom #3, Bathroom #1, Bathroom #2, Dining room, Kitchen, Office #1, Shed

Total Budgeted Duration: 10 hours

Actual Duration: 12 hours

Job Type: 3 movers (added 3 more for the off load), two trucks, and junk removal the next day.

EJC _planters.jpg

This move happened early Spring.  We moved this client from Port Coquitlam to Maple Ridge.  They had a beautiful house and boy it was pretty!  The house was well kept and had beautiful planters everywhere which really brighten up the house.

The challenge with moving a household with lots of planters is it takes up a lot of floor space and you cannot stack on top of it like boxes.  Whenever possible we always encourage the client to take the planters themselves in their cars. This leaves more space in the truck for their personal possessions.  In some cases, some client do not get access to their new house until their moving day.  That makes another challenge.

Moving Tip:  Most realtors or landlords are pretty nice about allowing clients to move things to the outside of the house before hand, such as planters.  Try asking if it is possible to bring the plants the day before or even after.  As long the all of your household items are out of the house so the new tenants/owner can move in, everyone is usually happy.

Planning your moving date and possession date details are very important.  Always try to give yourself a couple days in between if possible.

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