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Checklist For Stress-Free Moving

Everything You Need to Do Before Moving Day

Don’t worry, we got you covered! Below is our moving checklist. Use this as a guide to help you prepare for the big day!

One Month Before Your Move


Anything that you do not need should be sold, donated, recycled, or disposed of. This will help reduce the amount of items that are required for moving or storing.


Know the spaces you are moving into. Remember to measure pieces of your furniture so you know which pieces will fit into your new place.

Plan Ahead

If you have any antiques, obtain a written appraisal to verify its value. Check your furniture for existing damages, scratches, and dents. Arrange utility/service companies (i.e. cable, security alarms) for cut offs and activation dates.


Begin to use up or dispose of things that are a hazardous in a moving truck. If not, make arrangements to move them in your own vehicle. Hazardous items include: used and open bottles/cans/ sprays of cleaning chemicals, household liquids, propane tanks, fireworks, oil/paint, thinners/solvents, ammunition, and guns.


Make sure you confirm your possession date and time for your new place or storage. Have your paperwork ready and accessible in case you need to access them during your move. Don’t forget to book your elevator, check for parking permits, and loading zone accessibility.

One Week Before Your Move


Pack as if you are going on vacation. Have one suitcase with your esstentials, like medication, change of clothes, and a toiletry bag. After a move you may not have the time and energy to unpack and look for your belongings.


Make sure you label the sides of boxes and even colour code them if you need. Know what boxes are priority to open first, fragile items, and what spaces they should be in. This will help movers place boxes in the right places.

Perishable Goods

Begin to use up items in your pantry, fridge, and freezer. Try to use up oil/gas in your lawn mower or BBQ to avoid spillage.


Don’t forget to drain your garden hose, limit watering your plants so they are not too heavy to move, and to defrost your freezer.


If you have children, elderly, or pets make arrangements for moving day.

One Day Before Your Move


Unplug all your electronics, keep all cords, remotes, and other loose items into one box so you know where they will be.


Do a last walk through and ensure everything is packed. Ensure nothing is left on walls, in closets, and dresser drawers.


Look at large pieces of furniture that may require disassembly. If you cannot do it yourself, our team will come with a standard set of tools. If your piece requires special tools, have them available during your move.


Make sure to have your cleaning supplies and keys for both places in a designated area. There will properly be spots that need to be cleaned after the movers load up.


Make sure you rest well, hydrate, and have plenty of snacks or food arranged for your moving day.

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