Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Storage

Why Should You Use Storage?

As we continue our everyday lives, more and more things enter our lives. Whether our families grow or we just simply buy more things, needing more storage is a common issue that many of us face. That’s why we put together reasons on when you need storage, and why you should use a storage facility to store your items.

Self-Storage vs. Full-Service Storage


Before we get into that, we must first go over the two types of storage facilities — self-storage and full-service storage. Self-storage is what most people think of when they think about a storage facility. People would drop off their items, load them up into lockers or vaults and then visit the items whenever they need to during business hours while paying a monthly fee. Although self-storage seems like the easy storage solution, there are a few downsides.

The first downside is that you have to load the items yourself, which can be a pain (literally). Not only that, you might not be able to optimize the space, leading you to either damage your items (from stuffing the storage unit too much) or paying for another storage unit when you didn’t need to.

The second downside is that there are many people going in and out of the storage facility. Although a good storage facility should be monitored and secured, when it is self-storage and one doesn’t require an appointment to come in and out of the facility, it can be hard to track who goes in and out.

Why We Recommend Full-Service Storage

That’s why here at Kleiner’s we recommend full-service storage. Full-service storage provides all the convenience of having your items in a storage facility (more space in your home, yay!) while you don’t have to lift a finger to have this convenience. Our expert movers will pick up your items from your home and drop them off at our storage facility, cataloguing your items so we know exactly where everything is. We will wrap your furniture as well! And when you need your items again we’ll drop them off at your place. If you can’t be bothered or you’re just simply too busy to pack your items, we can pack for you too. We will expertly pack your items to minimize any damages. This is an especially good choice for busy people because then it gives them one less thing to worry about.

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There are many reasons why you need storage, and we have listed a few of them below. 


Whether your kids have grown up and gotten a place of their own, or you’ve been reading Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, downsizing is one of the many reasons why people use storage. Putting your things in storage makes your house look less cluttered, but you don’t lose any of the things because you’ve put them in a different location. This way you get the experience of having a less cluttered home, without sacrificing any of your items.


Whether we’re getting a new kitchen or redoing the whole house, renovation is definitely a reason why people use storage. Putting the items from the room that’s being renovated into storage prevents them from getting in the way or being damaged during renovations.


Who needs their kayaks when it’s freezing outside? Put them in storage! Our storage vaults are climate-controlled, so that they won’t get damaged during the time that you store them. This is better than putting them in your garage or basement where humidity can ruin your seasonal items.




When you’re trying to sell your home, you want your home to look as big as possible. That’s why we recommend putting the items you don’t need into storage. Whether that’s extra furniture or knick knacks you have around the house, you can put all of that into storage. Not only that, when you’re staging your home, you want to make it look as impersonal as possible. This means taking away any family photos, or any pieces of furniture or art that fit your peculiar taste. This way the potential buyer of your home can really picture themselves in the home.

No Storage Space in Your New Home

You’ve found the perfect home… but then you realize you have more stuff than you thought. You haven’t had the time to downsize before your move, and even if you did, everything you’ve wanted to keep doesn’t fit your new home. There is no garage or storage locker that you can put your belongings in either. No worries, you can use a storage facility for that! This way you get some extra space to store your items, without having to look for a whole new place that will fit all your belongings.

Whether you need storage for personal or business reasons, Kleiner Services provides top-notch storage services in Vancouver.

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