The Three Things You Need To Know About Packing

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Over the years Kleiner Services Inc. has become an expert in the art of packing. Packing your belongings in a box and then packing those boxes into a truck.

The keyword is efficient.

No matter how big your home is, being efficient will get the move done faster and everyone will be happy for it. Here are the top three things to know about packing:

1. Move The Stuff You Truly Want

We will move anything, but take a moment to think about your new place, the size and configuration.

You will save time, money and effort by only moving things that you want in your new space.

Take things you know will fit, in terms of style and aesthetic. This leads to a lot of decisions up front, but know that it is easier and more efficient to pare down before you move than after.

For example, your new space has built-in storage rendering your current shelving a good option for selling. Sorting through your beloved possession can be stressful, so if you run out of time or energy sorting through things, use a specially marked box and deal with it later.

2. Labelling Is Awesome

You are the boss and know where you want things to go in your new place. Cardboard boxes all look alike, so it’s easiest to label all your boxes as you fill them.

If your boxes are labelled and colour coded indicating the room they will go in, it will help the movers put things in the right place. You’ll get the things you need in the right rooms from the get go making unpacking that much easier and efficient.

3. Boxes Are Best

It is finally moving day. Your house is packed with perfectly labeled boxes. As you wait for your professional movers and their moving truck to arrive at the scheduled time you suddenly spy some random things that were missed during packing. “No problem,” you think.

“There’s plenty of room on the truck. I’ll just throw it in the truck loosely.” That might work, but loose items can be awkward and often require a separate trip to the truck.

Boxed items are by far more efficient. If you have a few extra boxes, just carefully pack your loose items. If you don’t have spares, not to worry. Call the movers and let them know you will need an extra box.

Most moving companies will arrive with a few extra boxes. Try to ensure that everything is in a box. The movers will thank you, and you’ll be able to pat yourself on the back for being a pro!

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