The Kleiner Services Story

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Forging the road to fortune is filled with twists and turns. Imagine combining a young growing family and running a small business in a category that is considered perhaps one of the most stress filled on the planet. Now imagine doing that 365 days a year! Many might shy away, but it was the perfect challenge for us.

We are married to each other, our business, and our commitment to our customers. Together, we are the engine that propels Kleiner Services forward. For it all to work, we made sure we had a shared vision and complementary skills. Brains and brawn. Professionalism and poise. Honesty and honour. Mary is excellent at the paperwork and the planning. Konstantin is a master of logistics and all matters mechanical. We’ve thankfully gone from one small pickup to a thriving business that has six trucks on the road. Each vehicle is overseen by a great team of staff, who are experts at the art of moving things efficiently.

From humble early days, we have learned, grown, and leveraged our strengths accordingly. Our family is a lot bigger, with more kids, more staff, and more clients. We feel it’s a privilege to get people on the road to their new start.

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