11 Neighbourhoods in Westside Vancouver You Should Keep Your Eye On

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Thinking of moving to Vancouver?

How about neighbourhoods like Kitsilano, Fairview, Shaughnessy, Kerrisdale, Oakridge, Marpole, Dunbar-Southlands, Arbutus-Ridge, South Cambie, West Point Grey or University Endowment Lands?

These are all the neighbourhoods that cover the west side of Vancouver.

Not to be confused with West Vancouver or the West End, Westside Vancouver is full of residential neighbourhoods that each have their own charm.

No matter which neighbourhood you choose to move to, moving to westside Vancouver is a great choice due to the fact that it is mostly residential neighbourhoods, so there are opportunities to build your families and cater to more of a family-style living rather than the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver. “Residential” doesn’t mean “boring” though, for each neighbourhood has its own character and community.

So let’s dive in, and read on to find out the reasons to move to westside Vancouver!


When talking about the west side of Vancouver, you can’t forget about Kitsilano! Kitsilano was named after a Squamish chief, August Jack Khatsahlano (pronounced “Xats’alanexw” in the Squamish language). As the birthplace of Lululemon Athletica, moving to Kitsilano would be perfect for you if you love all things yoga and living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Not only is there the Kitsilano (“Kits”) beach where you can get some summer sun, there are various restaurants that serve healthy and delicious food. One of these restaurants is The Naam, one of Vancouver’s oldest vegetarian restaurants. Not only is it open 24 hours a day, but The Naam is consistently voted “Best Salads” amongst some of the higher-end restaurants in the area.


Fairview is a neighborhood most known for being home to Granville Island. Moving to Fairview would mean that you have easy access to this beautiful attraction.

Granville Island is a man-made island that started off as an industrial area in westside Vancouver. Made of materials from False Creek in 1916, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vancouver. Granville Island is home to 275 businesses and is known for its Public Market.

Granville Island Public Market is full of artisan shops with items that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Vancouver. Full of local staples and delicacies, as well as specialty things from all around the world, visiting the Granville Island Public Market is a must-do if you move to the westside of Vancouver!

Visit the Spanish Banks in West Point Grey to get your summer sun!

Visit the Spanish Banks in West Point Grey to get your summer sun!

West Point Grey

West Point Grey is one of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhoods and is known for Jericho Beach and the Spanish Banks. Moving to West Point Grey means you get to take in a little bit of history, and get lots of sun from the beaches in the area!

West Point Grey is also home to Jericho Lands, which is currently being redeveloped under the partnerships between local Indigenous groups such as the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh along with the federal crown corporation called the Canada Lands Company.


A largely residential neighbourhood, Shaughnessy is known for having a more-than-average proportion of heritage homes. Moving to Shaughnessy may mean that you end up in one of the charming heritage homes in the neighbourhood!

One of the city’s most valuable heritage landscapes, some of the best heritage structures include The Nichol House at 1402 McRae Avenue, the Frederick Kelly House at 1398 Crescent, the MacDonald House at 1388 Crescent, the Fleck House at 1296 Crescent, the Hycroft Manor at 1489 McRae Avenue and the Glen Brae house at 1690 Matthews Street.

The Hycroft Manor was purchased by the University Women’s Club, and the public is welcome to view the house every Christmas, during the annual fair, while the Glen Brae house is now the home of Canuck Place, a hospice for children.


Kerrisdale is a residential area with many long-time residents. Moving to Kerrisdale means a quiet residential neighbourhood you can relax and hopefully stay in!

The residential streets are full of grand old trees, and its main shopping area is Kerrisdale Village. Kerrisdale Village has over 200 shops, and is dubbed “Vancouver’s Most Charming Community”.

Whether you’re looking for a new outfit, the latest novel by your favourite author, or a place to grab a bite after your shopping trip, Kerrisdale Village has it all.


Oakridge, although it is a residential neighbourhood, is known for Oakridge Centre and being home to Langara College. Oakridge Centre is under redevelopment at the time of this blog.

However, Crate and Barrel, a luxury home-goods and furniture store remains open, which is a relief considering the location at Oakridge Centre is one of the only two in the province!

Oakridge also houses Langara College, where many students can choose from its many post-secondary programs — including associate degrees and certificates. Moving to Oakridge means you get access to not only the Oakridge Centre, but also Langara College!


Marpole is one of the oldest communities in westside Vancouver. The novel “Obasan” by Joy Kogawa, which is usually a required reading in university courses that pertain to Canadian Literature, partially takes place in Marpole. The Joy Kogawa House, located at 1450 W 64th Ave was a childhood home of the author, and now serves as a historic landmark, complete with a writer-in-residence program and many other literature programs. Moving to Marpole can allow you to take in a part of Vancouver’s history.


Late March to April in cherry blossom season in Vancouver, and there is no better place to see cherry blossoms than in Arbutus-Ridge! Arbutus and 22nd are some of the best places to go cherry blossom watching, and as a bonus, you can get amazing views of the city from Arbutus Ridge. Other than being a neighborhood with all the perks of a residential neighborhood, moving to Arbutus-Ridge may mean you may have some of the best views around, whether it is of the cherry blossoms in the spring, or of the city.

South Cambie

South Cambie is a small neighbourhood that houses some of the top medical facilities in British Columbia. BC Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre reside here, and historically, it was the home to Shaughnessy Hospital which was used extensively during World War I and World War II. South Cambie is also bordered by Queen Elizabeth Park, one of the most beautiful parks in the city. Complete with a rose garden, fountains and pieces of public art, Queen Elizabeth Park is a must-see and a must-go when moving to South Cambie.


Dunbar-Southlands is the home territory of the Musqueam People. Moving to the Dunbar-Southlands means you get access to many parks, the Vancouver Park Board operates 10 parks in the Dunbar-Southlands, including Pacific Spirit Park, which has over 54 km of trails. The park also provides a habitat to many animals and plants, and has over 1850 acres of forest land.

The Biodiversity Museum on the University Endowment Lands provide a peek into our ancient past.

The Biodiversity Museum on the University Endowment Lands provide a peek into our ancient past.

University Endowment Lands

Home to the University of British Columbia (which consistently ranks as one of the best universities in Canada), the University Endowment Lands is governed by the British Columbia government, University of British Columbia and Metro Vancouver Regional District rather than a municipality of its own. It is the land of Musqueam people.

The University Endowment Lands are under the jurisdiction of the Royal Mountain Police, as opposed to the Vancouver Police Department like the rest of the city. Although not many people live in this area outside of UBC students and faculty, the small population makes a small and close-knit community.

Due to being so close to the University of British Columbia, University Endowment Lands has many university-funded things to do, such as the Nitobe Memorial Garden, the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden and the Museum of Anthropology.

All these things were made possible by the research of UBC students and faculty, and the public gets to enjoy them as well.

The Museum of Anthropology is a place of world culture and art, with a special emphasis on the work and culture of Indigenous people and other cultural communities of British Columbia. Moving to University Endowment Lands means you can get access to some world-class museums funded by the University of British Columbia.

University Endowment Lands is also the home of many beaches, such as Acadia Beach, Wreck Beach (a clothing-optional beach), Point Grey Beach, and Oasis Beach.

These are the 11 neighbourhoods in westside Vancouver and why you should move there. Thinking of moving to Kitsilano, Fairview, Shaughnessy, Kerrisdale, Oakridge, Marpole, Dunbar-Southlands, Arbutus-Ridge, South Cambie, West Point Grey or University Endowment Lands?

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