Monday Moving Reviews


Today’s review comes from a client we worked with twice.  She was great but elevator seems to lots of problems and was in need of some repairs.

Tara was moving from Vancouver to Vancouver.  She was super sweet but just did not get a lucky elevator.  We gave Tara a couple options by running a few things up the stairs so our team wasn’t sitting around or to take a break.  Tara was kind enough to decline the offer and wait for the repair man.

We kept in close contact during the entire move to ensure that Tara and our team was in good hands.  Communication is very important during moves and it keeps the stress levels down too.  In the end it all worked out and Tara was in her apartment.

Moving Tip. If you ever get stuck in the elevator, call for help and remain calm.  Do not try to prey the doors open, it may cause damage to the mechanics of the elevator.  Which may make it difficult to open later when help arrives.

This review comes from If you are new to Yelp and look up companies you will see two categories in the Review section.  One will be “Recommended Reviews”, which are from active Yelp users who provide lots of reviews for many other companies. Then there is a hidden section called “Not Recommended Reviews”, who are from one time users or non-active Yelp users.  Even though our review is a 5 star review for moving sometimes it get’s classified under this hidden section.

Yelp can be a little confusing like that, so we thought this Monday Moving Review would be prefect.



I moved from a 3-story walk-up with no elevator into a 10th floor suite. The staff were strong, meticulous, polite, and enthusiastic despite the extra work without the elevator. To add to the challenge, when I arrived at my new building, the elevator there was broken down and the movers had to leave everything in my lobby but did not leave until the elevator was repaired and they could finish the job. They even offered to move some things up the stairs (I declined, don’t worry). Their contact person, Mary, is also helpful, organized, personable, and professional.


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