How to Move Awkward Couches: 5 Tips

Moving furniture is one of the more difficult tasks of moving. Especially large, awkward pieces like couches can take up a lot of time and effort to move.

We want to make that process as easy as possible for you. That’s why we put together 5 tips on how to move your couch for a move.

Tip #1 Clean your couch!

Before moving your couch, you want to make sure that it is clean. You want to ensure that there is no debris between the cushions and the back fabric, and that any wires attached to your couch are unplugged and wrapped up.

There are many ways to clean a couch — you can get a vacuum specially designed for cleaning upholstery or hire a professional cleaner. This is a helpful article on how to clean your couch and other upholstery.

When a couch is too big to fit through the door, you can move it off a balcony!

When a couch is too big to fit through the door, you can move it off a balcony!

Tip #2 Measure!

Measure the door to make sure your couch will fit through. If your couch is too big then you can disassemble it. Start with the legs, and then take it apart piece by piece until it fits in through the door. We’ll talk more about this step later.

Now what happens if your couch cannot be taken apart or it doesn’t fit through the door because you made renovations in the house with the couch in it? The best way to get it out is through the balcony!

We recommend having more than one person for this job. One person to slowly move down the couch with straps, and others to catch the couch at the bottom.

Obviously this is not an easy task, and we highly recommend hiring professional movers to do this if you’re moving it out of a balcony. We’re experienced movers that have done this before, and come with all the tools including straps.

Tip #3 Disassemble!

With recliners, all the backrests have two locking latches that hook into the base of a seat. When you unlock the latches the backrest will easily lift up and out. If your recliner is a sectional, each section can be taken apart by unhooking them. If you have a tight doorway you might need to take the legs off too. Each couch is different and you can take a look at the backs and the legs to see which parts can be disassembled for easy travel.

Make sure your couch is wrapped when you move it so that it is protected from tears, dirt and rips!

Make sure your couch is wrapped when you move it so that it is protected from tears, dirt and rips!

Tip #4 Protect!

You wouldn’t want your couch to get ruined during a move, that’s why it’s so important to wrap your couch before moving it. Protect your couch by wrapping them in a pad and shrink wrap to prevent tears, rips, dirt. The wrapping also helps to protect them from rain or snow.

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Tip #5. Don’t Hurt Yourself!

When you move a large piece of furniture like a couch, the last thing you want to do is injure yourself or someone else in the process. Our tip to prevent injuries is this: stretch and lift with your legs, and not your back. When you put pressure on your back, you can hurt it. Not only that, your legs can hold up more weight since they are responsible for holding up your body. Keep your arms straight to prevent back injuries and put all the power in your thighs.

Preparing your couch for a move can be a daunting task, regardless of its size or shape. Fortunately, these tips can help.

If you’re still feeling unsure or would rather not move it yourself, get in touch with our team of top-rated movers in your area.

We’re here to provide you with professional moving assistance and ensure that your couch arrives at your new home safe and sound.

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