How to Donate Your Stuff

Moving sets the perfect stage to pass underutilized things along to help another family create a home. We always encourage clients to take a hard look at what really makes sense to keep or give away. De-cluttering by donating is an incredibly satisfying act that avoids unnecessary packing and moving. Be mindful that it is important to donate things that are gently used and in good working order. Broken items should be pitched or recycled.

Once you’ve put together a purge pile, the immediate questions are: where can you give it and what will they accept? Here’s a quick list of options:

Pick-Up Services

  • Big Brothers
    You can donate clothing to Big Brothers who have a long-term partnership with Value Village. They are transparent about selling to VV and proceeds are used to fund programs, train volunteers to locally support children emotionally, physically and socially through mentorship. Big Brothers makes home pick up phenomenally easy by signing up online or calling directly.
  • Diabetes Canada
    There are a variety of items that Diabetes Canada will accept including small household and electronic items, and all cloth-based items from clothes to bedding and drapes. One caveat is no single item or box should weigh more than 40 lbs. Also, they can’t take large furniture or appliances. Donations go to fund research, family camps and support 11 million Canadians living with this condition. Diabetes Canada also has an excellent program where you can either call or go online to arrange a pickup time.

Post on Craigslist
Large items like furniture and appliances can easily find a home when posted in the FREE section. Giving clear information about the size of your item, the care you expect exhibited when moving out an item, as well as best pick time will make everything go smoothly.

Important Organizations with Specific Needs

  • Baby Go Round
    This organization focuses on helping little ones get a good start in life. They collect new and gently used baby gear and will accept everything including baby monitors, bouncy chairs, board books, unused breast pumps, diaper bags and clothing. The do have drop-off centers, but if your organization has a collection drive, they will pick up your donations.
  • Free Geek
    This volunteer-driven organization accepts all computers and related hardware regardless of age or condition. This is a fantastic option for broken down electronics or baskets of unknown, tangled cords. They ethically recycle any useable parts and sell refurbished computers and related parts at their Thrift Store. Before taking all your used computers check the store hours online.
  • Local Libraries
    Books are amazing, but they can take up a great deal of space. Encourage a love of reading. Take the books that your family has outgrown to your local library or school. Most will accept donations, and if they can’t use your books, they will let you know immediately.
  • Dress for Success
    If you are a woman, who was a former clotheshorse and wants your clothing to kickstart another lady’s life, consider donating to Dress For Success. The organization wants clothing that is job interview and workplace appropriate to help a woman-in-need clinch that life-changing job.
  • M.C.C. Thrift Shop, Goodwill
    These organizations will accept clothing, housewares, media and furniture. You have to bring it to them and make sure to always check the drop-off times because each group is very specific as to when volunteers do their sorting.

However you choose to donate your items, just know that you’re going to help another person start anew. Now give yourself a small pat on the back.

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