7 Steps for Moving Ikea Furniture

7 steps on how to prepare yourself for moving Ikea furniture.

  1. Snap it.  Take photos of your current furniture on your smart phone and write down the dimensions.   This will allow you to bring the information with you when looking at your new place.
  2. Measure it. When in your new space, measure out the dimensions of your current furniture.  See if the current furniture will be able to fit nicely into your new space.  This will help you decide if you need to keep, buy/sell, or donate some furniture.
  3. Disassemble it.  Larger furniture that will be moved will need to be dissembled.  Most furniture companies such as Ikea provide all instruction manuals in downloadable PDF formats. Use these instruction manuals to help you dissemble the furniture by reading it backwards.
  4. More pictures!  When disassembling your furniture take lots of photos of each piece in different angles.  This will be a great resource for you when you need to reassemble the furniture back together.
  5. Tape.  Painters tape or scotch tape is great to have to label each piece of dissembled furniture.  This will help you identify which pieces are left, right, front or back.
  6. Strong clear seal-able bags.  Having ziplock bags around will be very help to keep all nuts, bolts, screws, and wooden dowels in.  Once you have taken the furniture apart and place all loose small pieces into the ziplock you should label the bag.  Then you should secure the bag with tape to a large piece of the dissemble furniture.  If you have a hard copy of the instruction manual you can place it into the ziplock bag too.  Do not place this bag into a box because they will easily be misplaced on moving day.
  7. Wrapping.  Organizing like pieces or sizes of disassemble furniture will help you transport them easily.  Be mindful of long cams (metal parts) or wood dowels sticking out when moving.  They can do a lot of damage to other pieces or even your walls when moving.

This may seem like a lot of work, but it comes with great satisfaction at the end of the day.  Taking your time is most important in not damaging rebuilt furniture.

And now that you’ve taken it apart, labeled it, sorted it, and moved it, you should be a pro at reverse engineering this Ikea piece of furniture!

If this all seems too much for you then #wecanhelp.  We are always happy to assist with any questions you may have!

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