7 Reasons Why You Should Move to Richmond, BC

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Thinking about moving to Richmond, British Columbia?

We have some insider knowledge on Richmond because believe it or not, our warehouse is in Richmond! Not only that, we also have some staff that live in Richmond, so we know where to go if you move there and why you should move there.

So read on, and find out why you should be moving to Richmond and how we can help you get there!

Richmond is an ethnically diverse city with a last estimated population of 231,689 people. Made entirely of islands, Richmond offers front-row seats to waterfront views.

As a unique mix of residential and commercial property, agricultural lands, industrial parks, waterways and natural areas, Richmond is the place to go when you want to live in an inclusive city, without the busyness of the downtown core.

Richmond has 1,950 acres of park land and has an extensive system of 145 parks, providing sports and recreation amenities in every neighbourhood in Richmond. They also have 73 kilometres of trails, perfect for your morning or weekend walk.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) is one of the many education options available in Richmond Photo credit: @kwantlenu on Instagram

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) is one of the many education options available in Richmond

Photo credit: @kwantlenu on Instagram

1. Education

If you’re thinking of moving to a new place and if you have children, education is a vital part of where you choose to move. Richmond is home to 39 elementary schools, 12 secondary schools and 3 alternative schools. They are powered by the Richmond School District. As for post-secondary education, Richmond houses the Kwantlen Polytechnic University, BCIT Aerospace Technology (Richmond) Campus and Trinity Western University.

2. Safety

Richmond is one of the safest cities in the Greater Vancouver area. In fact, Tourism Richmond was awarded the Safe Travels Stamp by the WTTC (“World Travel & Tourism Council”). According to Tourism Richmond, the “Safe Travels stamp is endorsed by over 200 groups, including the United Nations World Tourism organization.”  When visiting or living in Richmond, you can definitely feel safe.

3. The Food

When talking about Richmond, you can’t forget about the food! Richmond offers delectable eats from all around the world, and here are some of our favourites.

Matsuyama (@matsuyama.richmond)

Located at 8500 Alexandra Rd Unit #110, Matsuyama is a sushi restaurant known for their cheap but good eats.We recommend the chicken teriyaki roll, yam tempura roll and the crab tobiko salad.

Avery (@averyrestaurant)

Looking for your next Instagram foodie adventure in Richmond? You must check out Avery and their Bubble Tea Hot Pot! Located at 112-4751 Garden City Rd, Avery is a Hong Kong-style restaurant known for their interior decor and of course, their Bubble Tea Hot Pot! You can choose your tea, the temperature (hot or cold) and the toppings to put in your Bubble Tea Hot Pot. It’s totally the Instagram-worthy place to go to,

4Stones (@4stones_veg

When looking for a place to eat, you can’t forget about your vegan and vegetarian friends! 4Stones is an amazing vegetarian/vegan food place in Richmond. Try their Vegan Kong Pao and the Mapo Tofu. The flavours of these dishes are sure to play a song on your tastebuds.

Feast your eyes and mouths on the delicious food that the Dolar Shop in Richmond has to offer!

Feast your eyes and mouths on the delicious food that the Dolar Shop in Richmond has to offer!

The Dolar Shop (@thedolarshopcanada)

Feeling fancy? The Dolar Shop is the place to go in Richmond! Located right off the Lansdowne skytrain station in Richmond, the Dolar Shop is a hot pot place. At the Dolar Shop, you get an individual pot of soup and you order dishes to dip into your soup and cook them. The Dolar Shop is known for their service and delectable eats. Tip: if you’re feeling extra fancy, order the A5 wagyu! It’s pricey, but the way it melts in your mouth is absolutely worth it.

Memory Corner (@memorycorner888

Memory Corner is an authentic place for Taiwanese cuisine. From the decor to the delectable dishes, get ready to be transported to Taiwan for a culinary vacation. Be sure to try the Taiwanese meat sauce on rice and the different fruity Taiwanese beers! And don’t forget the lamb, which is their speciality.

4. Richmond Night Market

Speaking of food, if you want to try new dishes but don’t want to commit to sitting down for a full meal at a restaurant. You must try the Richmond Night Market!

Richmond Night Market is a must-go in the summer season. Richmond Night Market is the largest night market in North America, and features live entertainment and over 500 different types of food from all around the world.

At the time this blog was written, the night market was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. Airport

When we asked our staff what they loved about living in Richmond, one of the surprising answers was that it was close to the airport! If you love to travel, you know how daunting it is to try to get to the airport. It is usually a long car ride and at worst, you have to wake up at the crack of dawn to catch your flight. If you live in Richmond, getting to the airport is a breeze! You can access the airport through skytrain from Bridgeport station (only 3 stops away). If you drive or take a taxi, it will only be a short drive.

6. Highway to Heaven

On the No.5 road near Steveston in Richmond, you’ll find a place that is unlike any other. The Highway to Heaven is a road full of places of worship — there’s about 20, catering to different religious backgrounds. There are mosques, Buddhist temples of all denominations and churches. Not only that, there’s the International Buddhist Temple, which is the second-largest Buddhist temple in North America. The services are delivered in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Hindi, and Punjabi, in the true sense of multiculturalism of Richmond. Highway to Heaven is a beautiful place to visit in Richmond. Remember when you’re visiting to respect religious customs, such as taking off your shoes or covering your head.

Lulu Island Winery has a beautiful selection of fruit wines, ice wines and table wines. Photo credit: @food_with_howie on Instagram

Lulu Island Winery has a beautiful selection of fruit wines, ice wines and table wines.

Photo credit: @food_with_howie on Instagram

7. Lulu Island and the Lulu Island Winery

Lulu Island is the biggest island in Richmond. Here’s a fun fact for you: Lulu Island was named after a showgirl, Lulu Sweets. When Lulu Sweets bought property on the island, she asked Colonel Richard Moody what the name of the island was. Smitten with her, Colonel Moody said that he would name the island after her — which gave Lulu Island its name today.

On Lulu Island, you can find the Lulu Island Winery. Once known as Blossom Winery and known for its high quality fruit wines and ice wines, the creator wanted to transition into making table wines which became Lulu Island Winery today.

Lulu Island Winery is now the largest and the newest winery in Richmond! They make everything in-house, and source their grapes from the Okanagan and their berries from the Fraser Valley, giving them the proud VQA stamp on their bottles.

You can find anything from reds, whites to even ice wines from the Lulu Island Winery.

What’s your favourite thing about Richmond? Let us know in the comments!

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