Top 5 Moving Tips for Long Distance Moving

Perhaps you’ve come to the decision that you need to move out of the city or you’ve been relocated a few hundred kilometers away for work. We can help you prepare for that move. Here are some moving tips to help you for that long distance move:

1) Create a Packing Schedule

Trust us, the colour coder in you is probably dying to get started. When you begin packing, think about which rooms you want to start with and when.

Then organize the rooms of your home that you use the least and tackle them first. Next, make your way to the most utilized rooms, making your way outward to avoid causing too much disturbance.

One of the advantages of preparing ahead is that there is time to recruit friends for any areas that you may need an extra hand in. Give them considerable advance notice to avoid dealing with last-minute excuses. Don’t know where to start in your packing schedule, check out our Moving Checklist:

2) Declutter

You are moving farther away and it’s a fresh start. Do you really want to take everything with you? Decide whether or not you want to keep, store, donate or sell all of your belongings during your packing process.

Have 3 different boxes ready for Donation, Keep, and Junk. Alternatively, garage sales are a great way to get rid of unwanted items and make a little more money at the same time. Don’t have time for a garage sale? Donate your items to a good cause.

3) Make Use Of A Self-Storage Facility

Are you away only temporarily? Storage containers are a great alternative if there are things you want to keep but not necessarily want to take with you. We are here to make sense of it all for you!

Storage prices are variable, and we have a unit to fit any customer’s needs. We all have those items in our house that we never use but are too beautiful to get rid of or have sentimental value. Kleiner Storage can take care of those things for you while you are away. Just ask us how! 

4) Timing is Key

Planning for a long distance move takes a lot of preparation.

Make sure to book your packers and movers, and/or storage in advance, especially if you are moving at the end of the month, some moving companies book up months in advance.

During your site visit, be prepared to explain what is coming with you and/or what needs to go to storage or junk.

Doing all this in advance allows you to wrap things up at your current home and give your new place/building advance notice on your moving plans.

5) What Do You Need?

Does your move need transportation, storage or container solutions, ferry bookings, all the above?

Don’t know where to start? Look no further, Kleiner Moving & Storage in Vancouver can help you! Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask! 

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