What To Do On The Day Before Your Move

It’s the day before your move. You’re excited to move into your new home. At this point, your boxes are mostly packed and you only have your most-used items left.

This includes your dressers and clothing, other household items and cleaning supplies, your fridges and freezers and technology and entertainment systems.

Here is what to do on the day before your move, and how to pack your last-minute things.

Dressers and Clothing

Empty your dressers and closet and pack your clothing.

It’s even better if you could pack all the clothing you don’t wear, such as out of season clothing or special occasion clothing the week before and leave a suitcase for your clothing for the week. Remove all loose items (change, papers, jewelry, etc.) and pack them away.

Should you do your laundry before you move? The answer is absolutely!

Should you do your laundry before you move? The answer is absolutely!


When moving to a new home, you want everything to be fresh and clean, that means doing your laundry. Although it can be tempting to shove all your laundry in a garbage bag and bring them to the new place to do later, this can add more stress and more work on your moving day. Not only that, garbage bags don’t stack as well as boxes, meaning it could take up more space in the truck or the back of your car.


When packing toiletries, keep what you really need for a week and pack them in a suitcase or a backpack for your move day. Pack up any spares and things you won’t need for a week. This way you can find what you need for the last night at your old home and the first night at your new home easily.

Fridges and Freezers

Clean your fridges and freezers. Try to eat or give away as much frozen foods as possible, especially if you’re moving long distances! Stop grocery shopping a week before your move and eat as much as you can out of the fridge and the freezer.

Beforehand, pack all frozen foods in boxes, then leave the boxes in your freezer.

If you’re moving your appliances with you, leave your freezers plugged in for as long as possible. Depending on the season, freezers will retain frozen foods for 24-48 hours. Fridges and freezers must remain unplugged for at least one hour after they’ve been moved.

Technology and entertainment systems

Disconnect your computers, T.V.s, and stereo systems. Label the wires with masking tape to make reconnecting them easier in your new home.

Try to pack televisions, computer monitors or any fragile electronics in its original boxes. If you don’t have the original boxes, our movers will wrap them in a blanket to secure them before moving them. For TVs, you can also purchase TV boxes from us.

Don’t leave any dirty dishes! Make sure to wash all your dishes before the night of your move.

Don’t leave any dirty dishes! Make sure to wash all your dishes before the night of your move.


If possible, break down furniture.

Remove legs from tables and sofas, and remove all shelves from your cabinets. Make sure that drawers and cabinet doors are secure. Safely store all fasteners and small parts separately.


Pack your dishes, leaving out only what you will need for your last night. Don’t pack any dirty dishes and make sure to do the dishes before packing them.

You can also skip all this by packing all of your dishes (here are some tips on how to pack your dishes), before your final night and just go out for dinner or order takeout!

If all of this seems overwhelming to you, don’t worry. Local movers in Vancouver like us, Kleiner Services Inc., are here to help with all of your packing needs. Just give us a call and we’ll take care of everything for you!

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