Packing: Don’t forget to check your oven


Your Moving Specs!

  • From: Vancouver
  • To: Langley
  • Living Spaces: Living room, Bedroom #1 (Master), Bedroom #2, Bathroom #1, Kitchen, Storage
  • Total Budgeted Duration: 6 hours
  • Actual Duration: 8 hours
  • Job Type: 2 movers, one truck, junk removal, packing services, tote rental.


This photo was taken over a year ago in October 2015.  I remember these clients dearly because they were simply amazing and had a wonderful kindhearted son.  They were so welcoming and it just made everything we did for them so easy.

Our client was moving from South Vancouver to Langley.  Langley is a booming family friendly city.  We helped our client pack, rearranged cleaning services, assisted in their move and junk removal.  It was one of our very first full pre-moving and post-moving services offered.

This photo was always a reminder for myself to take before and after photos of every space if we were required to pack it.  Between us and the client and moving in a couple days, things had to happen quickly, the items in the photo were forgotten.

The client thought they packed, we thought we packed but not one went to double check all the cabinets UNTIL our cleaning maid came in and asked, “Where would you like these?”

Oops!! I felt horrible but quickly packed them up and made our way to Langley to drop off the last box of items to our client.  We even got them a welcoming gift, a roti pan, for their new townhouse.

I remember when we arrived to their new home there was a slight delay but only because they performed a beautiful welcoming home ceremony to scare away all the evil spirits.  They invited my family to come in for dinner and it was lovely.   We felt like we were friends for ages!!

Moving Tip:  Whether you have lived in a space for a long time or not, packing can be a long and tedious process. This is why we always recommend taking before and after photos.  We also have a Golden Rule: If you don’t know what to do with it, put it in a box.  Just put everything into a box and deal with it later.  When things are placed into a boxes it is easier to move and stack.  Don’t forget to label what is inside so you don’t have to open every box to find a single item.

While you are packing it is a great time to decide what can be:

  • recycled
  • donated
  • junked

We hoped you enjoyed this Throw Back Thursday Moving Blog Post 🙂

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