Moving on a Mountain

  • From: North Vancouver
  • To: West Vancouver
  • Living Spaces: Bedroom #1 (Master), Bedroom #2, Bedroom #3, Livingroom, Dinning Room, Garage, Bathroom #1, Bathroom #2, Bathroom #3, Kitchen, Patio
  • Total Budgeted Duration: 12 hours
  • Actual Duration: 10 hours
  • Job Type: 4 movers and two trucks.



This was a beautiful house in North Vancouver.  We were moving this family from North Vancouver to West Vancouver.  The clients were professional movers at this point because they had moved 3-4 times in the last few years.

The great thing about this move was the client had used Vancouver In The Box to pack and unpack their house.  We love working with Limor from Vancouver In The Box.

They do such a great job packing and organizing everything.  We take the time to communicate with each other to ensure the move and items that are packed and disassembled properly.  If you are doing a move with us and Limor you will 100% be taken care of.  Some call this the “White Glove” experience.

The challenge with this move was the rain.  It made the very long steep driveway a little more difficult to go up and down.  Not only is the driveway steep but the road up to the house is also steep and narrow.

Our truck had to drive in reverse because it would have been stuck and not able to turn around after loading the house.  To add to the fun challenges of moving there was also a house across the street being built so there were plenty of construction trucks around.

Most people don’t think hills like this would be a problem because they are able to drive up in their own vehicles.  The difference is that our trucks are 10-15 feet longer than the average passenger vehicle.

Our trucks would not be able to park up on that hill.

This is why we had more than the average movers for the loading and we were lucky that the client had professional packers too.

Moving Tip.  At Kleiner Services we always take the time to do a site visit.  It allows us to see all the obstacles for the move and suggest alternative moving solutions.

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