I Like Big Trucks and I Cannot Lie, Part 2

In I Like Big Trucks and I Cannot Lie Part 1, we walked through the scrutiny and certification the drivers at Kleiner Services go through to ensure that they are honouring the logo on their truck. We are in the business of helping others and driving cautiously. While operating the truck, the drivers of Kleiner Services are seeking out ways to be safe and to lessen their impact on your drive. Your role is to be the best driver you can be, and to minimize dangerous situations.

Stopping Distance
Trucks are big, heavy vehicles. They require more time to stop. A quick look at the chart below shows that the stopping distance, no matter what the speed, for a truck is dramatically different than that of a passenger car. Keep that in mind when you are driving near a truck. Giving them room to stop will allow everyone to get home safely.

Pictorial from ICBC

Pictorial from ICBC

Tailgaters place themselves and others in a very dangerous position with passenger cars and especially with large vehicles. If they sit in the blind spot directly behind a truck, drivers may not see tailgaters! That makes them vulnerable to collisions if the truck has to stop suddenly. Remember, it is better to arrive a little late then not at all. In the city, driving distances are so short that your perceived advantage can easily evaporate with a long traffic light. Is that so important that you are putting other’s lives at risk?

Large vehicles can’t turn as sharply as passenger cars. They take wide turns. Be aware of this, be patient and give turning trucks plenty of space. Avoid zooming up on the inside of a turning truck – they may end up entering into your vehicle.

Be considerate around large vehicle, especially moving trucks.

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