Packed and Ready for Abbotsford

  • From: Port Moody
  • To: Abbotsford
  • Living Spaces: Living room, Bedroom #1 (Master), Kitchen, Storage Unit: 5′ X 5′
  • Total Budgeted Duration: 5.5 hours
  • Actual Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Job Type: 3 Movers and 1 Truck



Client R was super nice!  We were actually very happy she decided to go with us.  She originally had booked with another company but they were a starting to sound not reliable.

She was afraid that they would not show up on time and would delay her elevator booking.   This move was also going from Port Moody to Abbotsford.  There was a long travel time in between the move and another elevator booking on the other end.

We reassured her that we have moved many clients out of her building along with her entire neigourhood in Port Moody.  We truly love this little but growing community.  Being “On Time and On Budget” is one of our slogans and our company promise to our clients.

When working with us, Kleiner Services, there are always three steps that the client needs to do.

  1. Accept our Quote, which is open to change due to circumstances during the move

  2. Read and Sign the Service Agreement. This allows the clients to read and review all our insurance policies and service standards.

  3. Pay a $200 deposit to save the date. This amount will be applied to the final invoice on the day of the move. This also ensures that your movers, trucks, and moving date had been saved and both parties agree to move forward with the move.

As you can see in this photo Client R was ready for her move and had everything packed and ready to go.  She made the move smooth and easy.  The loading zone was reserved and the building manager was aware of her move and was expecting our team.

Moving Tip.  For most condo and apartments when you book an elevator with the strata it can be between 2-4 hours.  A 3 hour booking is average nowadays, which is great for a small apartment move.

The two hour standard most condos use to have would never be enough time and it would cost our client more money for additional time.  Always double check with your strata before planning a move.

We hoped you enjoyed today’s Throw Back Thursday Moving Post!

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