Consider Where You’re Moving To!

Before you start packing, it’s time to really think where you’re moving to?

The 2 most important questions are:

  1. Will all this fit?
  2. Do I still need this for the next stage of my life?

If you have access to the place you’re moving into it’s good to measure the space to see what will fit and what won’t.  Consider the new space and all it’s new advantages. If there’s a built in closet maybe you don’t need so many dressers or wardrobes.  If the new pantry is smaller it maybe that bookshelf can be repurpose as a wall pantry.

Walking in the new spaces should give you great inspiration about where to put your beloved pieces and also how the new space may make some of your current furniture obsolete.

If the new place can’t house some of the older pieces maybe it’s time to let them go. Whether it’s selling them, donating them, or simply disposing of them.  It’s simply good to start fresh.

Another great question is to consider the function of the piece.  If the new place has a gas stove maybe it is better to add direct bbq hook up and let the propane bbq go? Or get donate of some of the older books and magazines you don’t read anymore.

Asking these questions may make your packing and moving day considerably easier.

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