Mary – Kleiner Services Co-Founder, Dynamo & Mother


For Mary Kleiner running a business is as natural as walking, eating or laughing. It courses through her veins and genes. Her mother led her entrepreneurial family, giving Mary first-hand knowledge about running a business: an inspiring education. Her first job at McDonald’s demonstrated her incredible dedication to hard work, team play and customer service. Soon she had worked her way up to being a Manager at Starbucks. She went on to study business management at BCIT. Today, Mary is realizing her dream of running a family business with her loving partner Konstantin. Family comes first. That’s a motto that is true at home, in her work for her clients and how she deals with her staff family. Mary runs a tight a ship; overseeing 30+ team members and four kids. It’s not for the faint of heart, but for her, it’s a labour of love. She is committed to creating an environment for her staff where there’s always transparency, structure and support.

Mary’s strongest belief is that there’s an answer for everything. She has ascertained that by empowering her staff to solve problems that they will give their clients the best service. Having extraordinarily skilled team members, multi-functional like Swiss Army Knives, creates a culture that enables them to deal deftly with just about any situation. And as an added bonus it ensures that staff redundancies are always in operation. Mary’s the one who puts all the systems in place so that there’s a Kleiner Service structure, a prescribed way of doing things from the first time you connect with a potential client right to the final walk-through of a move. The same goes for staff hiring and training.

Her focus on ways to better staff and create a superb client experience is constant. Mary’s willingness to solve any issue is a testament to her resolve to overcome all challenges in her path. For example, Kleiner Services has a variety of vehicles in their fleet. Ensuring that staff are top-notch drivers, Mary implemented a driving program, and with every demonstration of driving acumen, there’s a paid upgrade. Another issue is that moving and eating tend to be mutually exclusive.  Movers sometimes don’t eat enough or wait until long into their day to nosh. Mary created a lunch program that preps meals for the staff in the morning to ensure that everyone is well nourished. She is such a mother that, in the summertime, every truck gets a frozen jug of water and a cooler to keep the staff hydrated.

For Mary, building a local family business with Konstantin is profoundly special. They are forging a company that provides exceptional customer service and care, but also has an extraordinary company culture where staff are genuinely valued.

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