Here’s How To Solve The Top 3 Packing Challenges

When it comes to moving, how well you pack may be your solution to a smooth move. We forget how much stuff we have in our home, especially in hidden places like the kitchen cupboards and the garage. Not to mention, how would you pack your most-used items like toiletries and clothing that you will still need on the night before your move?

We have the solution and we’ve listed the top three challenges of packing for you — the kitchen, the garage, and your everyday items. By the end of this, you will be packing like a pro. You’ve got this.

The pantry can be one of many reasons why packing the kitchen can be so difficult!

The pantry can be one of many reasons why packing the kitchen can be so difficult!

1) Packing the Kitchen Challenges

The kitchen is a challenge because of three things: 1) There are multiple areas in your kitchen, which can include the pantry that can store up to a hundred items. 2) There are fragile items such as glassware and dishes. 3) Groceries! To prevent food from spoiling, you have to pack them correctly.

Packing the Kitchen Solution

Start with less important items (I.E. items in your pantry) and kitchenware you have plenty of (cutlery, plates, etc.).

Leave a cupboard of everyday goods unpacked. This includes basic spices like salt and pepper, pots and pans that you use every day, and two sets of dishes and cutlery per family member. All other cupboards should be fully packed and sealed.

The key here is that you don’t wait until the last minute to pack your kitchen. Like mentioned before, the kitchen has a lot of little bits and pieces that you forget about until you pack for your move.

Use towels, linens and paper as cushioning for fragile items. Pack any plates on its edge, not flat. Mark any fragile boxes.

Here are more tips on how to pack glassware or how to pack dishes.

When packing kitchen appliances, try using the original box that it came in.

This is the best packaging for your kitchen appliance because the box was made for your kitchen appliance! It is the perfect fit and will be able to store all the parts that came with your kitchen appliance.

Don’t have the original box anymore? No problem. Read this blog post to see which type of container is the best for your appliance.

Did you know storage facilities don’t allow food to be stored? This is due to possible rodent problems. So, when it comes to food, it is important to consume as many perishable foods as possible before moving. Also, try using up all your dry goods and frozen foods before moving to avoid having another thing to pack and to prevent spoilage. If you do have any frozen foods left, ensure that they are in a cooler so they don’t spoil during the move.

Long, fragile items such as a lamp should be covered in blankets and some tape. Alternatively, you can stack small boxes together to create one long box.

Long, fragile items such as a lamp should be covered in blankets and some tape. Alternatively, you can stack small boxes together to create one long box.

2) Packing the Garage Challenges

The garage is a challenge because of one simple reason: it is very often used as storage! So there may be lots of seasonal items or sporting equipment, which can be large and take up a lot of space in your move. Not only that, because the garage is so often used as a storage space, there are also lots of items you may have forgotten about and did not account for in your move. This is why here at Kleiner’s, we do a virtual site visit before sending you an estimate so there are no surprises on your end and ours.

Packing the Garage Solution 

Start by gathering up the items you no longer use or need, and recycle or donate them.

If you have boxes that you haven’t opened in years, then you probably don’t need the items in there.

Pack any long, tall items like garden tools or hockey sticks in 2 tall, vertical boxes, and then tape those together. You can also stack small boxes to create one large box. You can also wrap your fragile items such as a lamp, in a blanket and some tape.

If you need to pack some family photos that you’ve forgotten about or some artwork that doesn’t quite fit the interior of your old place (but would look wonderful in your new place!) Here is how to pack artwork and frames.

A final tip for packing your garage: Don’t throw anything away!

Have a garage sale and/or call your local Salvation Army or anything similar in your area. When given the opportunity, we will always try to recycle or donate items being removed. We are proud to ensure that everything that’s disposed of goes to the right place.

3) Packing Toiletries and Clothing (and other everyday items) Challenges

Packing toiletries, clothing, and other most-used items is a challenge because you need these items until your final night, but you probably should pack these items right away! This includes items like toiletries, clothing, and shoes.

Packing Toiletries, Clothing (and other everyday items) Solution

Pack as if you are going away for a week. This will ensure you have items before and after your move-in case you don’t unpack everything immediately. If you pack the items in a small suitcase, you can transport the suitcase in your vehicle, giving you more time to use the items (such as a toothbrush for the morning of the move!)

All items that won’t be needed during your last week in your home should be packed. Dresser drawers should be emptied of clothing and loose items (change, papers, jewelry, etc.). Clothing, toiletries, loose items, and other items should be packed in boxes.

If you’re packing items in smaller boxes, these must be placed into larger boxes, because large boxes are easier to move. But they shouldn’t be too heavy, because the boxes can rip.

These are the top three packing challenges and how to solve them like a pro.

What’s next? Storage or moving? Or both? We do it all!

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