An appropriate tip?


It’s a stressful and challenging day not just for the customers but also for the movers. Moving is one of those things where to do it right, so many challenges need to be overcome.

1. Getting to you. Before the movers even show up to your door they may have started up to an hour and half before your start to prepare the trucks check the supplies and check the truck so it’s fully prepared for your move.

2. After battling traffic and parallel parking a 30 foot truck they’re finally at your door and ready to assess the work ahead of them.

3. Since it’s been almost a month from the time you’ve received your quote many things have changed. The number of boxes that was used may double and that easy move that you thought you had has have doubled in size.

4. The movers will quickly form a human chain and used various dollies or ramps to load the boxes into the truck.   (If the boxes are overloaded or not stackable or sealed this will add more time to your move)

5. After the boxes are in the truck the movers will take the square furniture which has been wrapped with blankets and shrink wrapped.

6. Next will be the couches beds and all the irregularly shaped pieces. Our Tetris Master Packer will Jenga in these irregular shaped furniture tightly into the truck.  (Packing a truck is one of the most challenging jobs in moving, More senior and experienced movers will usually pack the truck)

7. The most sensitive items like your TV and computers, which requires careful handling will be packed last. These items are loaded last and removed first to ensure the most care is taken for the most precious items.

These steps will be reversed for unloading.

After being enmeshed in a full day of lifting, sweating, laughing, problem solving and overcoming your move will come to an end.

The skilled movers will tally up your bill and happily present it to you knowing they overcame quite an obstacle this day.

Tipping may seem like an over thought at this point. I’m sure you’ve heard some rumours that all movers want is a couple of beers for the road or a slice of pizza. In reality, they are family guys who get a living wage.  They work hard and they can’t pay their bills with pizza. A usual gratuity of 10-15% is appropriate for the moving world.

If the movers completed a 4 hour move, $20-30 per person is an appropriate amount. If a move went 6-8 hours maybe a $40-50 per person is appropriate.   If your move stretched over a couple of days, then maybe $50 per day is an appropriate amount.   The tip is always relative to the duration of your move and the amount of work that was completed.

Always remember that tipping is optional! If the movers wowed you with their knowledge, your tips will be greatly appreciated.  For the movers, it’s not just the money, it’s the fact that you recognized their hard work, experience and professionalism being appreciated.

Doing moving day in and day out is not an easy task. It’s hard on the body and the mind. A tip from the client, is a reminder that they are doing a great job.

Your kindness will always be rewarded with hard work and positive attitude!

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