Toss, Purge and Marie Kondo Your Way Out: What To Throw Out Before Your Move

It goes without saying — the less you have, the easier your move will be. But what should you purge before your move? Read our blog post to find out!

Here’s How To Solve The Top 3 Packing Challenges

What are some of the biggest challenges of packing? How about the kitchen, the garage, and your everyday items? Read our blog post to find out how to tackle these!

The History of Movers, Part 1

Moving stuff from point A to point B has been happening since the beginning of time. Over time, movers have gotten better tools, processes and oversight turning moving into a profession and a trade. How did it all start?

An appropriate tip?


Moving day can be a stressful and overwhelming time not just for the customers but also for the movers. What do you give the person who is helping you through your transition and helping you manage the challenges?

Managing Expectations!


An example of expectation versus reality. Moving is a big job, not just in the physical aspects but in the organization, time management and communication. 

Consider Where You’re Moving To!

All the days leading up to moving day can be stressful. Make you sure you ask yourself the right questions to help through a smooth move. 

Throw Back Thursday: Grand Piano Move

I think the was most memorable about this move was the beautiful original pieces, like the grand piano, that they had brought with them from their first move.  Great to work with clients that are well-prepared. 

Kleiner Services Review and Referral Program


We love to reward our loyal customers! Recommend us to friends and family and you'll have a reward coming your way. 

Monday Moving Reviews


Sandy was moving from Coquitlam to Langley.  They were very well organized and had most of there logistics taken care of and needed help executing them.

Feature Friday’s: Kimberly Jardine

View fullsize   This Friday's Feature Kimberly Jardine.  If this beautiful smile doesn't catch your attention then it must be her awesome skincare regimen.  Not only is Kim beaming from her smile but wait until you actually…